Common Questions

Good question!

Repairs can be attractive at first due to the lower cost compared to a roof replacement, however they don’t always provide a long term solution. The age and condition are the two main factors to consider when deciding which way to go.

When a roofing contractor is asked to repair an old or rusty roof, it’s very unlikely that any form of guarantee will be placed on the completed job. It’s this lack of guarantees that often sees a lot of the home owner’s money being spent in vain chasing leaks over repeat visits.

If the leaking roof is free of rust, then leaks are generally a result of poor workmanship during the original installation. It can just be a case of some flashings being resealed. It’s in this case that a simple repair makes sense and can be carried out with confidence.

Needless to say, replacing your roof is the sure fire way to ensure your home is protected from the elements for decades to come. It’s a fixed price solution with low to no maintenance and in most cases will outlast you.

If you’re still unsure of what the best option for you is, Vantage Point Roofing can provide you with a complimentary, honest roof inspection where we provide clear expert advice based on the condition of your roof and your requirements.

Obviously every job is different and the time required varies depending on factors such as size, complexity, access and our favourite: weather. With fine weather an average sized roof will typically be completed within 2-3 days.

All residential quotes are delivered via email within one business day of the initial site measure.

We are the company you call when you want your job done right.

We hold the following insurances and licences:

  • Workcover for all employees
  • $20 million public liability
  • $10 million product liability
  • QBCC Licence
  • B class asbestos removal licence

No not at all. The work will be done on the exterior of your home so there will be no need for the tradesmen to be inside. The level of noise may disrupt you during the day depend on what is being done to the roof. Prior to your job commencing we will let you know of any upcoming disruptions that may occur during the roof replacement process.

We will need you to make alternate plans for the morning while the asbestos is being removed. Safely removing an asbestos roof typically takes up the first half of the day and by lunchtime the site is decontaminated and your free come back and watch your new roof being installed.

Our tradesmen will knock on your door and introduce themselves before starting work at 7am. Depending on how much work there is to do will generally finish at around 4pm

There are a variety of factors that can alter the price of your new roof. Some key factors that will be taken into account are:

  • Your existing roof type (e.g. Metal, Tile, Decramastic or Asbestos)
  • Access (Will a crane be required?)
  • Pitch/slope of roof (Steep roofs can impact the time needed for completion)
  • Difficulty of installation
  • Your preferred new roofing materials e.g. Zincalume, Colorbond etc.
  • Insulation
  • Safety requirements such as scaffolding

There are basic square metre rates that are used when pricing your roof replacement. You’ll generally find that most quotes from reputable companies are pretty close in price and your decision will come down to the contractor’s competency. As tempting as it is PLEASE BEWARE! If you’re the lucky customer out of 100 that gets that quote that’s too good to be true, you should be wary! They are the guys that supply us with the majority of our repair work.

The basic rule with asbestos is if you’re not sure, then treat it like it is asbestos. Find out more on asbestos.

Roof products containing asbestos include the following:

  • Corrugated sheets
  • Roof slates and tiles
  • Ridge capping
  • Ventilating ridges and other kinds of roof ventilators
  • Skylights and manholes
  • Flashing
  • Mouldings
  • Gutters and accessories
  • Downpipes
  • Vent pipes
  • Flue pipes
  • Soffit sheeting
  • Water proofing membrane
  • Spray on vermiculite insulation material.
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