Roof Replacement

Vantage Point Roofing specialise in roof replacements.

Our team have installed over 5,000 high quality new roofs throughout South East Queensland. We have seen it all! Our customers’ roofs come in all different shapes, sizes, and conditions. The new Bluescope Steel roofs give their property a fresh look, and a guarantee of no more leaks for the next 20-30years.

What happens during an average metal roof replacement?

During an average residential roof replacement we:

  1. Remove the existing roof (usually made of Galvanised Iron, Decramastic Tiles or Asbestos),
  2. Replace any damaged battens with new steel battens – free of charge!
  3. Install insulation (if requested),
  4. Install new Zincalume© or Colorbond© roof, and
  5. Tidy the property as if we had never been there!

The average sized roof replacement takes approximately 2-3 days (removal and installation).

Galvanised iron

Corrugated, galvanised iron sheets are the most common form of roof covering found in Queensland.

The number one reason that old galvanised roofs rust is due to constant moisture contact. This is usually from dirt and debris build up where short metal roof sheets have been lapped. To solve this problem, roof sheets are now bought in custom lengths which eliminates these issues.


Metal Roofing - Brisbane - Commercial Galvanised iron Before


Metal Roofing - Brisbane - Commercial Galvanised iron After

Decramastic Tiles

As possibly the most despised roofing material in existence, Decramastic roof tiles are pressed metal tile strips that were made to imitate concrete tiles. Produced from light gauge metal, it deforms very easily if walked on which often leads to roof leaks.



Also known as fibro, super six, asbestos cement or AC sheeting, the hazards of asbestos is well documented. Asbestos roof sheeting may deteriorate from 30+ years of enduring Queensland’s harsh climate. When disturbed or damaged, the fibres can become airborne and if inhaled, pose a risk to residents.

At Vantage Point Roofing, we aim to remove your asbestos from your property the same day we remove it from your roof. Additionally, all asbestos removal work is carried out by licensed professionals, ensuring your safety.


Metal Roofing - Brisbane - Replacing your asbestos roof with metal Before


Metal Roofing - Brisbane - Replacing your asbestos roof with metal After

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