A New Roof Adds Street Appeal and Value

How a new roof adds street appeal and value to your home – Vantage Point Roofing – 1800 476 634 – Brisbane

Many people spend countless hours and dollars renovating the interiors of their homes. Kitchens are completely removed and replaced, bathrooms get full makeovers, flooring is ripped up and replaced, and the walls even get a repaint. This internal renovation and modernisation is important for comfortable living, and it definitely adds loads of value to the home.

Some people even go so far as to give the outside of their home a facelift, with new paintwork and landscaping, possibly even a brand new driveway and fencing.

Unfortunately, the roof of the home is often overlooked in the renovation budget. This is unfortunate for two reasons:

  1. An old roof makes the entire house look old
  2. The roof is such a vital component of the home’s structure

Sometimes, people tend to forget about the roof and take no notice of it, or they just don’t want to know about it.

A New Roof Adds Loads of Street Appeal

The roof really is the crowning glory of the home. It’s the roof that finishes it off. Even just from a visual point of view, the roof is important. But we all know the roof performs a much more vital function, as it protects the entire home and everyone and everything in it from the elements.

A roof replacement will add loads of visual appeal to your home. It will be bright and colourful and fresh. As you walk or drive up your street, your new roof will really stand out in the crowd and simply look amazing.

The Value of Your Home Will Increase

Likely, the value of your home will not just increase by the actual cost of a roof replacement. The value will probably increase way beyond that figure.

It really ties into the point above. When your home’s aesthetic appeal is increased, up goes the value. On top of that, with a new roof comes peace of mind that there will be no water leaks, no mould growth or wood rot and that the roof is in perfect condition to withstand the weather and is well insulated for comfort and energy savings in both summer and winter.

Metal Roofing From Vantage Point Roofing

We are your roof repairs and roof replacement specialists for the Brisbane area. Metal roofing is modern, affordable and highly durable. In fact, it’s the roofing material of choice for those who want their home to look great and to save on those dreaded energy bills.

Get in touch today for a chat and a free quote.

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