Brisbane Metal Roofing

If you live in Brisbane and need a metal roof replacement, then Vantage Point Roofing are your local experts.

Brisbane is the home of the classic Queenslander style house. These homes were built using corrugated galvanised iron (or steel) which is still the most common form of roof covering in Queensland.

With over 5,000 roofs already installed in Brisbane and the wider Queensland area, be assured Vantage Point Roofing has a solution for your metal roofing needs. We strive to give you a high quality experience through our dedicated team, experienced tradesmen and written guarantees.

Do we only do roof replacements in Brisbane?

We are not just a roof replacement company, we also do;

Why are metal roofs growing in popularity in Brisbane?

In sunny Queensland, metal roofs are the ideal roof material. They are durable, energy efficient, come in a range of Colorbond colours, and with a long life span- what’s not to love?!

metal roof brisbane

Why a metal roof replacement is a great idea

Let’s look at other roofing choices and explore why you may want to upgrade to a Bluescope Steel roof.

  • Most people know the dangers of asbestos roofing. After many years of exposure to the Australian heat, asbestos fibres (if damaged) can be released and are harmful to your health. Asbestos also doesn’t have the best street appeal. By upgrading to a metal roof, you will remove your risk and also add value to your home.
  • Whilst tiled roofs are common, it’s also typical to hear people complaining about the constant maintenance and roof leaks. By upgrading to a steel roof, you cut the maintenance down significantly and prevent leaks.
  • Decramastic tiled roofs (a form of metal tile) were a great idea when they were initially introduced. Then people realised how easily they dent out of shape. Roof maintenance is made impossible with the fact that you cannot step on the metal tiles, additionally, getting solar would not be an option with this roof type.

With a roof replacement and upgrade to a Bluescope steel metal roof, you can enjoy less maintenance, more durability and increased curb appeal for your Brisbane home.

Our commitment to you is that we have a ‘no excuses’ approach to our business. We’ve been around for a long time and have seen it all, so we have processes in place to account for the unforeseeable. That mean, you get the seamless experience you deserve.

All our work is backed by written guarantees, so what have you got to lose?

Call our Brisbane office on 1800 476 634 to discuss your metal roof replacement options with Vantage Point Roofing.

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