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We cater to all their roof repair and maintenance needs and conduct regular audits to enable proactive planning and preventative measures.

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Commercial Roof Ventilation Services

Commercial Hurricane Vents

The most commonly installed industrial strength ventilator used on commercial roofs is the ‘Hurricane’ vent. Specifically designed for commercial and industrial application, it has the appearance of a large whirly bird.

Some benefits of Hurricane vents are:

  • Remove pollutants thereby improving air quality
  • Remove moisture build-up to improve humidity
  • Remove heat build-up through natural, wind driven air cooling
  • Increases movement of fresh air

Vented Ridge Installation

Another type of ventilation system used on commercial roofs is the Ridge vent. It is installed at the peak of a sloped roof.

Ridge vents are effective at removing moisture and heat and drawing in fresh air to circulate around the roof space.


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