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Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

In this FREE eBook we outline the most common reasons that metal commercial (and industrial) roofs leak, and why they are often misdiagnosed.

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Do You Have A Roof That Needs Replacing?

Does your commercial or industrial building have a leaky roof that drips every time the weather takes a turn for the worse?

Leaking commercial roofs can be frustrating and costly when requiring constant repairs. Whether due to age, poor design or installation, we understand that leaks in your commercial roof can cause disruption to the businesses which operate within your building. If the time has come where it’s costing you a fortune to repair the existing roof, replacing it may work out to be a long-term cost-effective result.

Shopping centres, warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants, residential unit blocks – you name it, we’ve re-roofed it! With each job, the new Bluescope Steel roof gave the property a fresh look, and guarantee of no more leaks for the next 20-30years.

Our team are highly experienced at delivering high quality commercial and industrial roof replacements throughout South East Queensland. We’ve replaced galvanised iron and decramastic commercial roofs of all shapes and sizes. Large and small – we’ve seen it all!

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Why Choose Vantage Point Roofing For Your Commercial Roof Replacement?

Each commercial roof we replace requires a customised approach. Often we may need to:

Regardless of the type or size of the job, we always:

Our team has the skills and experience to deliver the highest quality commercial and industrial roof replacements, tailored to our customer’s needs. Our clients get the best roofing materials with our use of authentic Bluescope Steel Colorbond and Zincalume, and enjoy peace of mind with our 10-year workmanship guarantee on all roof replacements.

If you’d like to know more, you can request a free inspection and quote or call our friendly staff on (07) 3130 0742 – we’re here to help resolve your roofing needs!

Common Commercial Roof Replacement Types

Galvanised Iron

Here in Queensland, corrugated, galvanised iron sheets remain a staple in commercial roofing. These metal roofs, known for their durability, unfortunately succumb to rust over time due to constant moisture contact.

The culprit is often dirt and debris build-up where short metal roof sheets overlap, causing moisture to seep in. However, as commercial roofing evolves, we’ve moved towards custom-length roof sheets, a solution that eradicates the issues related to overlapping.

When the time comes for your ‘gal’ roof to retire, we recommend an upgrade to a Bluescope Colorbond or Zincalume roof. Not only are these alternatives resistant to the rusting problems of galvanised iron, but they also offer enhanced durability and aesthetic appeal, elevating the overall value of your commercial property.

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Decramastic Roof Tiles

Decramastic Tiles

Decramastic tiles, often considered the black sheep of roofing materials, are pressed metal tile strips designed to resemble concrete tiles. Although they present a neat look, their light gauge metal composition deforms easily under weight, frequently leading to troublesome roof leaks.

These tiles can be challenging and expensive to repair, leaving many of our customers seeking a more reliable alternative. For this reason, most of our customers with decramastic roofs opt to replace their roof with Colorbond. As a versatile and robust material, Colorbond presents a durable, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing solution to your commercial roofing needs.

Why Work With Us?

At Vantage Point Roofing we are highly customer focused and believe we can deliver tailored solutions to your specific needs. We:

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Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

In this FREE ebook we outline the most common reasons that metal commercial (and industrial) roofs leak, and why they are often misdiagnosed. Great for:

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