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Everything you need to know about Residential Metal Roofing! How long a roof replacement takes, whether to repair or replace and the difference between Zincalume® and Colorbond®.

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Getting your home roof replaced can be daunting and confusing. There are so many options to consider with residential metal roofing:

“Do I need insulation?”

“What are my roof profile and colour options?”

“How much will this all cost?”

As a highly experienced, family owned company – we want to help answer these questions and more. To learn about features of residential roofing select from the topics below, or read on for our quick guide on the benefits of having a metal roof on your home, and the essential questions to ask before getting a new roof!

Benefits of A Metal Roof On Your Home

At Vantage Point Roofing we only use the highest standard products, such as Bluescope Steel, that when paired with the exceptional workmanship of our tradesmen, you are provided with a brilliant new roof that shelters your home, protects your loved ones and possessions against our harsh Queensland weather.

From a traditional Queenslander home to an apartment block, metal roofing makes a great choice for residential properties, and Vantage Point Roofing have the skill, experience and a dedicated team who can provide customised solutions for your roofing needs.

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Some benefits of metal roofing are:

Do I Need A Replacement Or Repair?

This all depends on the age and condition of your roof. Typically the lifespan of a metal roof is approximately 30-40 years if looked after. If you know the age of your home or when the roof was last installed, this will give you a good indication of the time it has left before needing a replacement.

The condition of the roof can indicate whether imminent repairs are required, or whether some simple maintenance could do the trick.

If the roof has not been cared for and is in poor condition, this may mean that spending money on repairs will be an expensive venture that never solves the problem. In this case, a full roof replacement may be the only solution to solve your problem for the next 30-40 years!

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What’s The Difference Between Colorbond & Zincalume

They are essentially the same material, however, Zincalume® is a slightly less expensive option than Colorbond®, and comes in only one colour (a silver finish). Colorbond® comes in a range of colours and products to suit different environments.

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Do I need Insulation?

Although insulation is not necessary, it is highly recommended. Insulation provides the benefits of reducing heat in your home, preventing the build-up of moisture and condensation, and deadening noise.

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Are Other Roofing Accessories Necessary?

Roof plumbers will make recommendations to ensure your roof is kept water tight and installed to a quality standard to deliver you with a long lasting roof (e.g., a certain number of downpipes may be necessary). However, which roofing accessories you choose really comes down to your personal preference.

Some examples of roofing accessories are: whirly birds, skylights, gutter guard, position of downpipes, etc. Whilst they are often not necessary, each roofing accessory has its own benefits. It would be beneficial to consider factors such as:

  • lighting (Do you have a dark hallway that may benefit from a skylight?),
  • moisture problems (Would you like insulation and some whirly birds?), and
  • blocked gutters (Could gutter guard be useful in extending the lifetime of your gutters?).

By considering these options you can determine what your real roofing needs are and ask the right questions when requesting a quote.

To learn more visit our Roofing Accessories section below or go to our blog titled “Roof accessories: Do you need them all?” here!

How much does a roof replacement cost?

This is the number one question people looking for a new roof want answered. There are many factors which affect how a roof replacement is priced, the main influences are:

  • The material of the existing roof type,
  • The size of the project,
  • How easy or difficult access to the property is,
  • How simple or complex the design of the roof is,
  • The preferred new roofing material,
  • How much safety equipment is required, and
  • Which accessories are to be included.

The key thing to be aware of when comparing quotes is to check that the itemised inclusions are the same – basically, ensure you are comparing apples with apples. Be aware of quotes that seem too good to be true – they may be missing an important element of your roof.

The average roof replacement usually costs anywhere upwards of $10,000.

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You may also like to try our Roof Replacement Calculator to obtain a rough idea of how much it may cost to replace your residential roof.

How do I select a roofing contractor?

Many people are confused about whom actually to call for their roofing needs. Is it a builder? A plumber? A roofer?

Tradesmen who install metal roofing, gutters and downpipes (and other roofing accessories) are called Roof Plumbers. They can also be known as Metal Roof Plumbers or Steel roofers.

Although all plumbers are expected to know all forms of plumbing, Roof Plumbing is a specialised trade with its own certification and a scope of works that goes outside that of generalist plumbing.

Research, research, research. Doing your homework on your roofing companies is the best way to select the right contractor for you. Consider factors such as:

  • Experience – in similar projects to yours
  • Qualifications – do they specialise in metal roof plumbing?
  • Quality – view their project galleries and ask whether they provide workmanship warranties
  • Professionalism – do they engage any subcontractors or are all their staff employees? Are their team presentable, knowledgeable and experienced?
  • Scheduling – can they complete your project at the time you need?
  • Price – is their quoted price itemised and reasonable to your budget?

Lastly, don’t forget to check out any reviews or testimonials the company has. Often this is a quick and easy way to determine what experiences other customers have had working with the roofing company.

For more info check out our blog about selecting a roofing company here.

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