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We work with Insurance Builders and Assessors to complete roof inspections, quotes and repairs following storm damage.

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Residential Roof Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Living in Queensland means enjoying generally warm, sunny weather, however, SEQ is also known for it’s extreme storm seasons. Your roof is the main part of your home exposed to the effects of extreme rain, hail and wind during severe storms which can lead to damage of your property.

We hope you never find yourself in a position where a significant roofing insurance claim is required. However, if you do and haven’t navigated through this before – it can be daunting! Our team have assisted countless customers with their roof insurance claims and repairs and are here to answer all your questions.

We work with several insurance builders and assessors and are frequently a customer’s first choice of roofing contractor to perform their insurance repairs due to our experience and ‘no excuses’ approach to customer satisfaction.

If you were recently affected by storms / hail damage you can go here to get your insurance report / quote.

Our Promise To You:


Vantage Point Roofing Has Over 90+

Our services

How We Can Help With Your Insurance Claim:

We assist you by:

  • Providing roof inspections
  • Compiling roof reports including quote for repairs, photos and recommendations
  • Performing ‘make safe’ work to ensure your home is watertight until your claim is processed and permanent repairs can be conducted
  • Dealing directly with your insurance company or selected builder
  • We can be your selected roofer and perform your insurance roof repairs to our expert standard

We take care of your roof repairs so you can focus on your family’s safety.

Are You An Insurance Builder Or Assessor?

What you need to know about the Vantage Point Team:

  • We have established quality assurance systems
  • We offer a 24hr turnaround on quotes
  • We pride ourselves on ultimate reliability
  • We have a proven track record backed by endorsements
  • We conduct regular independent audits

Our team is always on time and competitively priced, so call us now for a rapid response, inspection and quote.

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