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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Replacing Your Roof

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Vantage Point Roofing Specialises in Roof Replacements

Based in Brisbane, our team have conducted over 5,000 high quality roof replacements throughout South East Queensland. We have seen it all! Our customers’ roofs have come in all different shapes, sizes, and conditions. Whether your current roof is made of galvinised iron (or tin) or decramastic tile it can be replaced with metal. With each job, the new Bluescope Steel roof provides a fresh look, and guarantee of no more leaks for the next 20-30years.

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The Roof Replacement Process

1. Remove the existing roof

Owners with roofs made of galvanised iron or decramastic tile, often want their roof replaced with Bluescope Steel. Although there are many benefits of acquiring a metal roof, this is usually because they’ve experienced persistent leaks and desire a long term solution.

2. Replace any damaged battens with new steel battens

Battens are long strips of solid material used to provide a fixing point for roofing materials. They are usually made of timber on existing roofs and we will replace any that are damaged with new steel battens – free of charge!

3. Install insulation (if requested)

If you have decided to have insulation installed or replaced during your roof replacement then this occurs before the new roof sheeting is laid. Many of our customers are unsure of which type of insulation to have in their roof or whether their home even needs insulation. Our advice would be to make your decision before replacing your roof, as it is definitely easier (and more cost effective) to have insulation installed at the same time as your roof replacement.

4. Install new Colorbond© or Zincalume© roof sheeting

We use Australian Bluescope Steel for all our roof replacements. This ensures you receive the best quality materials and warranties.

5. Tidy the property

We try to leave your home with no sign of us having been there other than a sleek new roof.

NOTE: The average sized residential roof replacement takes approximately 2-3 days (removal and installation).

For a more detail on how long your roof replacement might take, click here.

Common Roof Replacement Types

Galvanised Iron

Corrugated, galvanised iron sheets are the most common form of roof covering found in Queensland.

The number one reason that old galvanised roofs rust is constant moisture contact. This is usually from dirt and debris build up where short metal roof sheets have been lapped. Roof sheets are now bought in custom lengths which eliminate the issues associated with lapping sheets that exist on older roofs.

When ‘gal’ roofs are due for replacement there is no better option than to have a Bluescope Colorbond or Zincalume roof installed.

Galvanised roof replacement

Decramastic Tiles

As possibly one of the most disliked roofing materials in existence, Decramastic roof tiles are pressed metal tile strips that were made to imitate concrete tiles. Produced from light gauge metal, it deforms very easily if walked on – often leading to roof leaks.

As this product can be difficult and expensive to repair, for their peace of mind (and back pocket), our customers with decramastic roofs have all opted to replace their roof with Colorbond .

Decramastic Roof Tiles

How Much Does A roof Replacement Cost?

Roof replacement before and after on a Queenslander home

The Average Cost of A Roof Replacement

Though roof replacements can vary from region to region, they usually fall within a certain range. Roof replacements are generally calculated in square metres, however factors such as material type, size, complexity, access and additional options all affect the cost.

The average residential roof replacement in Brisbane costs between $10,000-$30,000.

Factors That Affect Roof Replacement Cost

Vantage Point Roofing conduct FREE roof inspections and provide you with a customised quote for the replacement of your roof. Our quotes consider the factors which affect the cost of replacing your roof, and our knowledgeable team can discuss your options with you. Ask them how you can save money on your roof replacement!

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