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Guide to your metal roof

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Colorbond® or Zincalume

Which finish is right for you?

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Common Roof Issues

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Material Options

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About Asbestos

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Metal or Tile?

7 key factors

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Roof Maintenance

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Common Questions

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Our dedication to education

Metal Roofing Anatomy

We want to give you an idea of the different parts that make up a metal roof. When you are trying to explain what you think is happening to your roof you will know what parts to refer to!

Metal Roofing terminology

Common roofing terms explained.

Anticon Blanket (Insulation)

Installed over the roof frame directly beneath metal roof sheeting, it consists of a glasswool blanket adhered to an impermeable reinforced reflective foil facing.


Metal flashing used where roof meets vertical faces such as walls, chimneys etc.

Barge cap

A flashing that is used to fix the gable end of the roof where the sheets start and finish.


A long strip of squared timber or rolled metal that roof sheets are screwed into.

Box Gutter

A gutter that’s not at an eave. Typically at the base of two opposing roof faces or inside a parapet wall.


Base metal thickness.

Ceiling batts

Typically made from glasswool, polyester, or wool they are a type of bulk insulation that is designed to fit directly above the home’s ceiling between joists, rafters or studs.


Colorbond is the brand name of a coated steel product manufactured by Bluescope Steel. Colorbond steel is produced with a Zincalume base to provide corrosion resistance and then covered with a chemically applied conversion layer to enhance coating adhesion. On top of this goes a baked on epoxy primer and finally a baked on exterior grade top-coat


A pipe that carries rainwater from the roofs guttering to a drain or to ground level


The external ceiling between the fascia and the building’s outside wall.

Edge protection

A temporary safety rail system attached to the perimeter of the building to prevent falls from roofs of certain heights


A portion of the roofing area defined by having four separate edges. A single side of a gable or hipped roof


A timber board or rolled metal product of similar dimensions, fixed along the eaves to which gutter is secured


Materials used to waterproof a roof around any projections


Traditional roof style; two peaked roof planes meeting at a ridge line of equal size.


A shallow trough fixed under the edge of the roof made to assist in carrying off water

Hip Roof

A roof with four roof planes coming together at a peak and four separate hip legs.


The area where rolled roofing or insulation overlap one another during installation


A wall on the perimeter of building that projects above the line of the eaves


The slope of the roof or gutter often expressed in degrees


Pooling of undrained water on a roof

R Value

A value given for the resistance to heat transfer of a roof or wall system


The horizontal angle on the outer part where two sloped roofs meet


A layer of flexible foil insulation typically installed under roof tiles when the roof is being installed


A single sloped roof, generally not attached to another roof.


A roof gutter pit used to connect downpipes to internal roof gutters


Fine filings or chips of metal that come off metal when cutting or drilling


When a roof plane ties into another roof plane that has a different pitch or slope.


Area where two adjoining sloped roof planes intersect on a roof creating a “V” shaped depression.

Window Hood

A decorative awning that covers the top of a window to protect from the weather


The brand name given to a coated steel product manufactured by Bluescope Steel. The steel is coated in Zinc/Aluminium alloy to increase its resistance to corrosion

Metal Roofing vS. Tile Roofs

Want to make your home look like new again but your tiled roof keeps leaking? Upgrade to a metal roof today!

Metal or tile roof, which is better? comparison image

Whether building a new home or researching options for a roof replacement, the metal versus tile debate is one that endures. Common questions that are asked are:

  • Is a colorbond roof better than a tile roof?
  • Is a tile roof more expensive than a metal roof?
  • Which last longer, a tile or metal roof?


We are going to examine the pros and cons of choosing metal or tile for your roof in 7 key areas.

Colorbond Or Zincalume?

Vantage Point Roofing offers both Colorbond® and Zincalume® Bluescope Steel as long lasting, durable and stylish roof material options…

One of the first decisions you will need to make when choosing to install or replace a metal roof is which material to use.

The two options available are Colorbond® or Zincalume®.

Both options are:

•   Highly durable,

•   Resistant to corrosion,

•   Thoroughly tested,

•   Long lasting, and

•   They both also carry warranties from Bluescope Steel for up to 36 years.*

So how do you choose the right material for your roof?

Colorbond or Zincalume, which is better? comparison image

Zincalume Advantages

Colorbond Advantages

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