The roof is the most important feature of every home, and, unfortunately it is usually the most overlooked. Sitting out in the elements, a roof’s plumbing system has an essential role to play in prolonging the life of your home. It usually isn’t until a major problem occurs that we finally pay some attention to this critical component of the health of our roof.

Neglecting downpipes can cause major damage and affect the structural integrity of your home. Consistent maintenance and repairs can easily prevent this damage. This will not only provide better functionality to your roof’s plumbing, it also improves the overall look of your home while increasing its value.

If you have noticed that your downpipes are looking worse for wear, this might be a sign that you need to call a professional.

Do your downpipes have:

  • rust
  • bubbling paint
  • leaks
  • ponding water
  • or, stains on the windows?

If your downpipes are showing any of these signs of neglect then don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Vantage Point Roofing before they result in further damage to your home.

Not every downpipe can be repaired. If you have left your roof’s plumbing for too long in between maintenance, it might be time for you to consider replacement. A simple assessment can easily discover if the neglect is repairable or irreversible. If we can’t repair your downpipes, we offer a wide range of downpipe colours and styles that can suit every style of home.

When installing downpipes, it is also essential to consider your home’s drainage facilities. Calculating the correct amount of downpipes, and ensuring you have adequate drainage, will prevent your gutters from overflowing and stop any additional damage to your home.

Our fully insured and qualified team are ready and waiting with the right advice for your roof. We only use quality products, and we follow a high standard of service on every single job – no matter what size!

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Vantage Point Roofing is a trusted name in the industry, and we have years of experience and satisfied customers to back it up. Whether you are looking into downpipe repairs, replacement or just some advice, we are the premier choice when it comes to all things roofing.


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