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Whirlybirds are the most common type of residential roofing ventilation. They are wind powered ventilation systems used to remove air from a ceiling space in the home. When wind starts to spin the whirlybird, the heat from inside the roof is pulled out through the vent helping the home to cool down and reduce moisture.

Apart from moderating the ceiling temperature in summer, roof ventilators work just as efficiently in winter. They help keep the roof cavity dry of moisture and condensation caused from bathroom fans, avoiding the mould and mildew that can grow onto ceilings.

Keep in mind that roof ventilators are not suitable for all roof types. Please feel free to ask us whether whirly birds would be beneficial for your home.

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Vantage Point Roofing Specialises in Roof Replacements

Based in Brisbane, our team have conducted over 5,000 high quality roof replacements throughout South East Queensland. We have seen it all! Our customers’ roofs have come in all different shapes, sizes, and conditions. Whether your current roof is made of galvinised iron (or tin) or decramastic tile it can be replaced with metal. With each job, the new Bluescope Steel roof provides a fresh look, and guarantee of no more leaks for the next 20-30years.

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Please note: we only undertake residential whirlybird installations when combined with a full roof replacement.