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Whether you are looking to have a full roof replacement or just replacing parts of your roof, roofing accessories are highly important considerations.

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We cater to all their roof repair and maintenance needs and conduct regular audits to enable proactive planning and preventative measures.

Our experienced, specialist roof plumbers devise customised solutions for your site. Having thorough WHS procedures and being CM3 and Browz certified, we safely deliver high quality workmanship with the highest quality products made of Bluescope Steel.


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Commercial Box Guttering

Box guttering is often regarded as a necessary evil.  They’re necessary in that they carry large volumes of water away from large expansive roof areas, evil in the fact that when something goes wrong it often goes very wrong. Box gutter issues can cause leaking into tenancies below in dramatic fashion, impacting day to day trade.
Box gutter maintenance is not to be taken lightly and indications of wear and tear should be jumped on immediately to avoid nightmare scenarios.

Common commercial box guttering issues we solve are:

  • Rust
  • Split seals
  • Poor installation of original gutter
  • Inadequate rainwater outlets

Commercial Box Guttering & Sump Guards

These steel ‘mesh’ guards protect commercial gutters and  sumps from becoming blocked by debris or hail. They are installed over gutters and sumps (or downpipe outlets), providing a barrier which allows water to flow through whilst preventing debris and hail to do so.  They are particularly useful on commercial sites (such as shopping centres) where birds may go through rubbish and leave litter on the roof where it can collect and cause sump blockages


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